Switching accounts:

Since I can’t be honest here without being judged for it. I’m going to go back to using my original Tumblr for personal posts and I’ll still use this one for travel-related things. 


Doing research on the best tattoo parlour in Taipei. Going to visit on my first day there and see about the designs I’m interested in. I really wanted the dreamcatcher on my wrist but I thought about it, and it’s a BIG piece, and I’m not sure that I’m going to still want that on such a visible place when I’m older. I also thought about doing it on the back of my arm. So yeah, going to talk to the artist to see if he can do the design I want (lots of fine detail and watercolours) on those areas. I also don’t know if I have time or not for a 3-4 hour tattoo session. 

If the big tattoo doesn’t work out, my plan is to get a few small ones. Yes, I said “a few”. I want to get the 2nd half of my favourite travel quote, “to undreamed shores” in scripture done on the inside of my left bicep. Then I still want to get my evolutionary cladogram. However; I am trying to decide where to place it; at first I thought about the wrist area or upper forearm but I think I’ve decided I want them to wrap it around my elbow area. 

I also want to get a mini tattoo somewhere; most likely on the inner wrist bone area or on the back of my right bicep, right above my elbow. I’m thinking the peace sign (cliche I know, but shut up) or I might wait til I go to Japan and get a paper crane. 

A little confuddled:

I find myself thinking more and more about what I’m gonna do when this year finishes. My options are:

1) Stay with my current job a 3rd year and get that lovely $2000 and 2 week vacation bonus but move to Seoul because I can’t take living in the boonies no mo.
**But, I am getting tired of the routine and not sure I want to stay at the same place a 3rd year.

2) Find a university level job which will hopefully give me a late start so I can have a few weeks after this current contract ends to go back to Toronto and L.A. for a visit and also a trip to South America. Plus all the perks (living in th city, higher pay, emmense amounts of time off which would allow me to pursue other career opportunities).
**Don’t know if I really want to spend a 3rd year here.

3) Go back to Toronto and that side of the world? Hmm, not ready for that work-wise; can’t imagine what I would do there for money that I would enjoy.

4) Try working/living somewhere new (Taipei would be my top pick, then Japan or Hong Kong). As much as I think it would be interesting to teach in Europe or Southeast Asia or South America; at this point in my life, I am concerned with saving and having a dispensable income (if I want to start my own business, for my dogs of course, for the ability to travel without having to save for months and months).

5) Decide what I want to do for a career and work towards that. But I really have no clue; my plans to be a yoga instructor are shot (I stopped because of my weak wrists), I’m not sure if I want to open an online store, and I want to work with animals but how?, and I want to involve traveling in my work. Bahhhh! I really can’t decide.

….But, right now my life is pretty damn good and my work is easy enough with no take home baggage. I have a lot of freedom and I’m respected. I make good money and I get to travel a lot. Everything is by the law and they actually follow it. I work with my best friends and always have weekends off. And best part is all the vacation time I get. I mean, just looking at September and October; I only work a total of 38 days in 2 months but I still get full pay. If I need to leave work early for something like visiting the bank, it’s no problem. So it’s the best kind of job for me right now; especially while I’m still thinking of what to do with my life. But I don’t want to do this forever.

Budget for Taiwan:

Air ticket = $525CDN

Shuttle to/from airport = $5/each way

Guesthouse = $20/nt (x3)

Food (can easily be done on less than $15/day but this time I’m splurgin’) = $50 (includes alcohol)

Transportation = $20/day (includes some longer distance buses and a few taxis)

Total = $330USD but if I wanted to scrimp, Taiwan can easily be done on SO much less. 

**I’ll have my credit card for any shopping I might wanna do which I don’t plan for coz last time I went, I just ate, and the only things I bought were food coz the shopping for material things is way better in Korea. Also, I plan on going out on the town one of two of the nights so we’ll need some extra for that. 

Taipei is booked!!

Mala hot pot, hot fry, delicious Taiwanese breakfast, bubbletea, dim sum, seafood, fruit, beef noodle soup, steak - here I come!! Pacman mode, activate!

So friggin excited! I changed my original plan to arrive at 1:30am on Thursday because there are no shuttles at that time to city centre and the taxi I would’ve had to pay for would’ve been about the same as the extra I’m paying to arrive there at 11am instead.

Plus I’m not really keen on wandering around downtown, alone, with luggage, at like 3am, searching for my hotel. And most places do not take check-in’s at that time. So it’s just so much less of a hassle to pay a bit more but arrive at a reasonable time.

And my routine won’t be thrown off and I’ll be able to just check in and get my day started. Since I’ll probably get to my hotel by…..1:30pm and maybe be ready to head out around 2:30/3pm, I’m gonna stay in Taipei that day.

My friend from Switzerland is coming so maybe he’ll want to meet and my friend from Korea will also be there but he’s not much fun except for partying ha ha.

So I think I’m gonna see what my Swiss friend wants to do/see since it’ll be his first time or I’ll be happy to spend the day meandering around the Xinyi district and then heading to Miramar. Yeah I think I want a day to myself.

So maybe I’ll just meet up with him at Tonghua; try a bunch of street food, then off to Raohe for more food and perhaps go somewhere for a few drinks at a casual place?

Friday I had planned to seeing Jiufen/Shifen/Keelung but it is Friday night and I kinda wanna see the nightlife in Taipei so maybe I’ll go and come back early. And then we can check out a bar.

Saturday we will meet up with Janey and I’m gonna let her play tour guide but I would love to go to Yongkang Street for food heh heh. I think we’re gonna have a few drinks somewhere nice, maybe Barcode or Wetbar then perhaps Spark for some dancing although my ankle is still hurting from Mongolia so I dunno if I can.

Then Sunday I leave around 7pm so I’ve just gotta get on the shuttle by 3:30pm so I’ve still got all morning an early afternoon to eat anything I’ve missed ha ha.

1.5 years in Korea and I’ve maybe seen 2 sunsets in this country and even then they were nothing compared to Toronto. Yesterday was pretty nice though and I loved staring at the colours while sipping on my beer watching my bf play volleyball and getting my tan on by the Hangang. Was a perfect way to spend a Sunday :) Now I’m just counting down til September!!!!

It’s a good year.

Phillipines, small trips within Korea, Mongolia, next month I go to Tokyo or Taipei. Then guess what?? Just found out I have another 4-day long weekend October 3rd - 6th. Wherever I don’t go in September is my destination in October. So happy I will get to go to both places!!! Another option is Hong Kong but flight there is never cheap whereas I could fly to Tokyo for about $250.

So. I had actually booked the flight to Taipei; then literally as I was clicking “confirm”, the bf tells me his manager said he has to work earlier than he planned on Saturday so our plans for that had to be cancelled >_<

He finds out tomorrow if he has to work Friday or not. If not, we are gonna go to Tokyo together on Wednesday then he will fly back Saturday early morning (Taipei’s flight times don’t work out like this) whereas I will go back the next evening.

IF he tells me, he canNOT go at all; I am torn. I actually would love to experience Japan but my new friends I met in Mongolia are going to Taiwan specifically during that time! What to do?

I’m so exited to just go somewhere. I have a basic itinerary and packing list planned for either option ha ha.

Wow, usually when Koreans say a dish is spicy, it&#8217;s not spicy. But damn this tteokbokki is killing me. My insides are on fire and so is my mouth.

Wow, usually when Koreans say a dish is spicy, it’s not spicy. But damn this tteokbokki is killing me. My insides are on fire and so is my mouth.